The Garden(s) in August

Summer is coming to an end. On Monday, the autumn term starts at Uppsala University. All I’ve posted since June, was about patchwork quilts.

I have spent a lot of time in the garden(s), or cooking, or sewing, or playing games with the children, or travelling. A lot of the time has been offline, and I have needed this. I don’t know, but suspect that as the days become shorter and there is less to do outside, the blog will come to life again.

So, folks, Krikonkraken isn’t dead! She has just been fattening up, gathering strength and preparing the soul for a long winter ahead.

Today I started the day working on the balcony. I then picked up my old sewing machine from it’s first service in probably about 30 years! I spent the rest of the day working from the summer house. Just as I was closing up my documents for the day, I saw that through the darkish clouds, a little stream of beautiful evening light spread through the garden. Here is what I saw. It made me happy!

(Comment to the photos: I’m having trouble with getting photographs the right way up on different platforms… I “straightened” them out on my iPhone, and they went wonky on my Mac. I think I’ve found out how to solve the problem, but it takes a little time. So bear with me and angle your head (or not), depending on which platform you are reading this on!)

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