Ethics, Theology & Philosophy

I am a professional ethicist, with a PhD in theological ethics. I work as a lecturer at Uppsala University, in the theology department and have done so since 2005. Most of my energy is spent teaching, which I love, but I do sometimes get round to doing some research.

My primary research interests lie in a series of intersections. I move between ethics and literature, ethics and hermeneutic philosophy, ethics and art, ethics and psychology, ethics and spirituality, ethics and natural science and so forth. Currently, my primary research is ethics in relation to Science fiction and ethics. More precisely, a study of Margaret Atwood’s Maddaddam trilogy.

An image I often use when teaching is this, called “Universum”. It matches my mental image of my professional self: planted within the field of ethics with it’s theories and problems – but constantly stretching out and above to see what happens when we grapple with other fields problems, theories and methods and bring them “back home” in order to change what we think we know.