Krik? Krak!

Yesterday, I was browsing half price paperbacks at our local student bookshop. To my amazement, I found a collection of short stories called Krik? Krak! by Edwidge Danticat. On the back, it says: “Before some Haitians tell a story, they ask, “Krik?” and their eager listeners respond, “Krak!”.” Isn’t that beautiful! I just love it. I had to buy the book, and it is now my first priority Christmas read.

I haven’t ever doubted the name Krikonkraken for my blog or company, but this information really sealed it! I think it is fair to say that my interest in stories and storytelling is above average. One of my possible futures involves a storytelling/ life story project. This experience feels like a strong confirmation that I have found the right “branding” name. It has become “me”. And I am Krikonkraken. Weird. But fun.

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