Being Brave

1024px-Carta_MarinaHello, and welcome to Krikonkraken!

Today I am being brave. I am going way out of my comfort zone and inviting friends and family from Facebook to take a look at my new website and blog(s). This project is very much in the making, although I’ve been thinking about doing it for quite some time.

It’s always nervy to open up a far-from-perfect (but hopefully good enough) project to other people’s scrutiny. I feel quite vulnerable, as I’m painting this canvas with lots of personal exposure. However, I am also very excited that you are here to have a look at what I have been doing on and off for the last few days.

I’ve had a steep, but interesting learning curve during the set-up of this page. It’s been great fun, although sometimes quite frustrating when I can’t manage the technical finess I want to achieve. I really enjoy learning new skills and tend to become a little manic when I find new worlds of possibilities. I recklessly think I can do anything, and get miffed when I realise I can’t.

I hope you spend a little time browsing the site, and obviously I also hope you enjoy what you find in here! I’m painfully aware that I’m not a web designer, or a communications expert. So if you have any constructive and good ideas as to how I could enhance a reader’s experience, please e-mail me, or comment below!

The images in this post are the background pics on the website. One is the Carta Marina, the first real map of the Nordic countries. It was made by Olaus Magnus in 1539. He was the last Catholic Archbishop of Sweden before the reformation. The original map is in the Uppsala University library, which is very close to my office. I just absolutely love it, and quite often pop in to have a look! If you look carefully, you can see the Kraken….

The other image is of damsons. Damson is ‘krikon’ in Swedish, and the wild plums are difficult to buy commercially in Sweden. Fortunately, I now have three possible offers of shoots from friends who have damson in their gardens. So I hope that I’ll be able to plant a few different varieties of damson in my garden this year.

Thanks for visiting, and I sincerely hope you’ll come back!

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