2 thoughts on “The rock garden”

  1. Hi, I like to get definitions right. A rockery, or rock garden, is earth on which rocks have been placed, this means that a rockery can have plants that need soil and moisture. But English doesn’t have a word for ‘Steinbed, so ‘rockery’ covers what we call ‘Steinbed.’ So your little steinbed is correctly called ‘rockery,’ or ‘rock garden,’
    A steinbed is not the same as a rockery: Et steinbed er et hagearrangement som befinner seg enten på fjellgrunn, eller knyttet til en kunstig eller naturlig steinrøys. Plantene som brukes er ofte av det nøysomme slaget, som tåler skrinn jord og tørke.’
    But the definitions are not precise, there are all the Eastern gardens with their different uses of rock and stone and gravel.

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