The Motherline

2016-03-10 12.52.29 I’m reading an article draft for a very clever and insightful friend, in which she writes about “the motherline” as the passing on of stories that teach us about ourselves, our communities and life. It is a beautiful word.

When my daughter was born, my mother’s sister embroidered a “Mother’s Tree” for her. It’s still lying in my work-in-progress-basket as it needs to be mounted. We haven’t found a good space for it, by my daughter has cleared an area on the wall in her bedroom – so the pressure is on to finish the job (after 10 years!).

(The photograph does not do the embroidery justice – but when it is ironed and mounted on green velvet, I’ll update the picture.)

My wonderful aunt has done an amazing amount of research, and with the beautiful embroidery came a folder with more information about each mother. It is fascinating that we have such a complete motherline, and I am so grateful that their stories are there to be passed on to my daughter – and if she ever has a daughter: to eventual granddaughters…

Thanks to Auntie L, and of course Mamma – my motherline!

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