The Krikonkraken Seminar

Seeds are embryonic plants. And as a gardener, I LOVE the idea of “seminarium” meaning “seed plot” in latin. As a teacher, or a participator in an academic seminar, we are (or ought to be) as gardeners. And as gardeners, we prepare the land and we sow our seeds. Our common task is to tend the plot for plants to grow, and to grow well – providing nourishment and beauty. The  seeds growing into plants need to have heat and light, and the right level of moisture. They need protection from weather, slugs and deer, and they thrive on mulch, food and care. The soil must be appropriate, and the plant must suit the land. Weeds must be weeded, and companion planting is often a good idea to bring out the best of the plants. So, there’s my metaphor for my (personal) virtual seminar. Make of it what you like, but I think that everything above bears thinking about with regard to seminars in general!

If you want to post a text in the seminar, that would be great. Feel free to e-mail me or get in touch in a different way if you know me personally!

In this section I shall collect shorter and longer texts I have written, but not published. Not publishing is because of a combination of fright, procrastination, time issues and perfectionism. I might submit some of the texts at some point, but hopefully then in a form that has passed through a public discussion.

In any case, a blog IS a form of publishing, although there has been no peer-review.  I approve of the democratic aspect of academic blogs, in particular if they can lead to a higher quality in published work. (So much is written that no one reads, anyway.) I know that I very much appreciate the accessible blogs I read in which thinkers share their thoughts, ideas and experiences to a wider public. Hopefully you might enjoy some of what I have to offer, if you can be bothered to read.

Some texts will be based on lectures held in class  (often including spin off reflections from more than one term’s discussing ideas with my students).  Other texts will be slight adaptions of presentations I have held, but never formed into full fledged articles. Yet others will be fragments; ideas to be developed further.

Oh, and a note on language. Unfortunately, many of these texts will (at least for the time being) be in a Scandinavian language. I’m terribly sorry, non-Scans, to exclude you…

So what do I call these texts? I’d say they are article embryos, like seeds are plant embryos. If I might mix my metaphors a little, I’d say that some texts are closer to birth than others. You can all be midwives, in a Socratic sense! I can think of no better place to develop these ideas than will the people who (hopefully) will visit my website – academics or not. Theologians, ethicists or not. In a dream world, this could become a virtual seminar. I’d love that – a space between the university and café. Please feel free to enter comments: critical or constructive!

Oh, and in order to post in the forum, you need to register to the Krikonkraken website. You can do this in the left side-bar menu.

Finally: I’d also like you to respect the fact that I feel a little vulnerable about presenting unfinished work to the world. It’s not quite comme-il-faut. This doesn’t mean that you mustn’t enter any critical remarks you have. But please do it kindly…