Krik? Krak!

Yesterday, I was browsing half price paperbacks at our local student bookshop. To my amazement, I found a collection of short stories called Krik? Krak! by Edwidge Danticat. On the back, it says: “Before some Haitians tell a story, they ask, “Krik?” and their eager listeners respond, “Krak!”.” Isn’t that beautiful! I just love it. I had to buy the book, and it is now my first priority Christmas read.

I haven’t ever doubted the name Krikonkraken for my blog or company, but this information really sealed it! I think it is fair to say that my interest in stories and storytelling is above average. One of my possible futures involves a storytelling/ life story project. This experience feels like a strong confirmation that I have found the right “branding” name. It has become “me”. And I am Krikonkraken. Weird. But fun.

A New Start

I’m back again! I’ve decided to pick up the blog from where I left it a year and a half ago. A new beginning…

When I set up the site several years ago I was in a very different place from where I am now. Then, I had collapsed under the burdens of work and life, and was trying to untangle myself. I’m still trying to do that, but have come quite far on that journey compared to where I was!

Now, I’m on leave from my academic life until the summer of 2019 and am currently training to become an organic gardener and entrepreneur. It’s all very exciting! (The photograph above is from a glorious morning a few weeks ago at Skillebyholm, my college.)

I don’t yet know what my life will look like in a year’s time. Or five. I might be back at my University job. If so, I’ll be much better equipped to to a good job than what I was before I went on my two year break from it. However, I might find myself running my own green business in some form or another. Or I might be working part time at a nice garden centre and writing novels in my own garden as I grow food for my family.

Whatever I do; gardening, ecology, sustainablilty, politics, creativity, wholeheartedness, ethics and writing will all be active ingredients. And I will start my own company, regardless if it is on a hobby basis or the source of my income. Here in the blog, I shall continue to tune in to myself, develop my thoughts and refine my visions. Whoever wants to share some steps in this personal (but not private) journey is welcome to join me on the way ahead.

So! Here we go again! Welcome here, or welcome back!