Literature & Film

When I was little, I read and read and read. When I was a student, I continued reading a lot, and was an avid movie goer. I went to the cinemas in Oslo at least once or twice a week. Now I don’t have time to read or watch films quite as much, with a full time job, a long commute and two children. And a garden.

I do still love both films and novels, and thought I’d dedicate this page to fiction in all it’s forms – as it is both one of my favorite pasttimes as well as being professionally interesting to me.

I wrote my PhD dissertation about a novel by Iris Murdoch, and discussed it in an intersection between ethics, theology and philosophy. I have taught many classes using literary texts (or film) as our primary material, and thoroughly enjoy this. My current research interest concerns Science Fiction and ethics.

Reviews, thoughts, analyses – that is what you can expect to find here. I have illustrated this page with our living room book shelf. I love looking at the spines, the “minds alive on the shelves”…