Formal Education and Work

Maud Marion Laird Eriksen, PhD


2005 – Present 

Lecturer (Universitetslektor) in Theological Ethics at the Theological faculty, University of Uppsala.

Apr – Dec 2004

Lecturer (Fakultetslektor) at The Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology.

Jan – Mar 2004

Research stipend at The Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology.

Aug 1999 – Dec 2003

Doctoral student in Systematic theology/Ethics at The Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology.

Aug 1998 – June 1999

Research assistant to Torleiv Austad (3 months), Gunnar Heiene (3 months) and teacher att The Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology.


Autumn 2012

Teaching sabbatical at Amherst College, Massachusetts, USA, as STINT fellow of the Excellence in Teaching Programme. I taught a full length college course titled “Science Fiction, Narrative and Identity”.

Autumn 2011

Nathan Söderbloms stipend for research (4 months half time).



Teacher training course for university teachers, Uppsala University.

2005 Philosophiae Doctor (PhD)

Doctoral studies in Systematic theology/Ethcis at The Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology in Oslo. Title of PhD thesis: Moral Voices and Ethical Dialogue. A Study of Literary Character and Moral Authority. Supervisor: Jan-Olav Henriksen. Public lectures and defence, August 25th and 26th 2005.

1998 Candidata Philologiae (Cand. Phil)

Master of Theology at The Norwegian School of Theology.

1994 Candidata Magisterii (Cand. Mag)

Bachelor of Arts (Theology/Religious Studies, History, History of Ideas, Nordic languages and literature). Oslo Universiy/The Norwegian School of Theology.

1991 Examen Artium

Secondary School. Drammen Gymnas, Norway.